Best VR games to date

The buzz around VR continues to gather momentum what with games like the new Oculus Go, the Oculus Rift, PS VR, and HTC Vive. It doesn’t seem like it’ll fade anytime soon. The buzz also means developers are created more amazing VR games. We keep discovering more VR games that are worth playing, as well as many promising new ones.

Beat Saber

In VR in Beat Saber, Guitar Hero meets Tron, and Dance Dance Revolution meets Star Wars. In the new musical game, players thrash around with glowing sabers against the backdrop of a lively rhythm. The game challenges you to maintain the rhythm while dodging obstacles and cutting specific colored blocks from every which way.

At present, Beat Saber is in early access for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices. Look no farther than Beat Saber if you want to break a sweat, jam out to some music, and cut up some blocks.

Edge of Nowhere

In this fun game, which happens in the third person (Victor), the herois on a quest to find the lost love of his life. To do so, you must guide him around fearsome blocks of ice and through the tundra and help him fight scary monsters.

Tetris Effect (PlayStation VR exclusive)

Basically, this is like a regular game of Tetris. Yet, it’s hard to describe it. You play in constantly changing environments and each level is unique with its own distinct flavor. Visuals and music are tailored to the themes. You will hear calming underwater noises when you play an underwater level, for example. It’s a hypnotic and psychedelic experience that we’d recommend to anyone.

Astro Bot: Rescue Bot (PlayStation VR exclusive)

All those who happen to have a PlayStation VR headset should try this game out. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a great platforming game and is amazing VR platformer. It plays with the VR format with the wildest of imaginations, full of the type of inventiveness we associate only with Nintendo’s Mario series. We’d go so far as to say thatit makes all other efforts in this direction look lazy. It’s quite unlike anything you’ll have ever played before, using scale to exceed and disarm your expectations and weaving levels all around the player.

Virtual Improvement

New titles keep replacing old ones as the best VR games to play as VR continues to gather momentum, so check back in for updates!