Best Games of 2018

Most will agree that 2018 was a great year for gaming, with games like Frostpunk, Fallout 76, and more great offerings coming out. Here’s our humble opinion on the best games of last year.


Unlike in most modern games, any action you take in Frostpunkcan have life or death consequences. Resources are limited in the world of Frostpunk with very little security, so poor management could lead people to kill each other, starve, or freeze to death. It’s a serious game for the socially conscious.


In Fallout 76, we come to understand that the act of exploring the world should be engaging because that’s what makes the world as rewarding as it is. Finding resources takes second place. Fallout 76 portrays a wasteland landscape with settings like a gladiator’s arena, a birdhouse workshop, and some really weird households.


The Gardens Between begins on a rainy night. Two young people are huddling together in a tree house. A mysterious light transports them to a beautiful, mystical world filled with islands, where their memories of things they did together live. The players must join forces to get to the top of each island and overcome the difficulties in their path on the way there. One character operates magical machinery that can stop or turn back time, while the light from the lantern carried by the other can create bridges and make the fog go away.


Opinion is divided on Battle for Azeroth, which came out last year. It features rich content on a high level, but its mainfeature is persistence. The World of Warcraft franchise is well into its second decade and amassing a great following consistently.


This game’s lengthy development reflects the road midsized independent game studios have taken in the last decade. Developersstarted working on the project seven years ago and tried to crowd-fund itsix years ago. The first steps were hard. Eventually, the game came out and gave a fresh new take on the subject of racing. Thanks to the surprisingly deep demo of the game, put up in 2013, pre-orders exceeded $300,000 within a week of fans’ accessing it.


Black Ops 4’s multiplayer suite is more refined and larger than those of its forerunners. Franchise hallmarks like the traditional multiplayer and Zombies modes have been relieved of the bloat acquired over the past few years. Developer Treyarchhas repurposed the central mechanics that make this franchise as iconic as it is.

Do you agree with our picks? We expect an even better 2019 for gamers!